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Ceremony Locations

Carolyn Burke STL Recommends These Popular Venues For St Louis Wedding Ceremony Bee Tree Park Ceremony St Louis City Hall Ceremony City Museum St Louis Ceremony Foundry Arts Centre St Charles Ceremony Fox Run Golf Club Ceremony Graham Chapel St Louis Ceremony Hawken House Webster Groves Ceremony The Jewel Box in Forest Park Ceremony Lafayette Park St Louis Ceremony Lalumondiere Mill and Rivergardens Laumeier Sculpture Park Ceremony Longview Farm House in Town and County Magic House Ceremony in Kirkwood Missouri Botanical Garden St Louis NEO on Locust Ceremony New Town Chapel in St Charles 9th Street Abbey Ceremony Oakland House Ceremony Old Peace Chapel in Defiance Old Stone Chapel Ceremony in St Charles Tower Grove Park Ceremony Provincial Chapel at UMSL The Music Stand in Tower Grove Park Windows on Washington Ceremony World's Fair Pavilion in Forest Park Carolyn

County Parks Wedding Sites

St Louis County Parks 314-615-8820 Website The St Louis County Parks and Recreation department has a wedding website. Their parks are great locations for wedding ceremonies and you cannot beat the price! Some locations come with electricity and restrooms, while others are simple for short, sweet and simple ceremonies. I have performed ceremonies as a Wedding Officiant  and I love the versatility that they can provide. Couples need to have nerves of steel as there is usually not a PLAN B or contingency plan in case of bad weather.  Nonetheless, they remain very popular. Below are my favorite photographs that show off the space.  You must contact the County Parks to book the location. Call me if you want my personal opinion on any of these locations as I am an Event Location Specialist. Bee Tree Mansion Garden Bee Tree Park Overlook Bissell Rose Garden Faust Park Jefferson Barracks Laborers House Patio Jefferson Barracks Museum Patio Queeny Park

Wedding Rehearsal Guide

Wedding Ceremony Rehearsal Guide I have performed over 1,000 wedding ceremonies in the last 15+ years. One of my packages includes coordinating the wedding rehearsal . While I do offer rehearsal coordination, it is not necessary to have me there. I require a Phone Rehearsal for all wedding ceremonies, but I am happy to supervise the rehearsal for an additional fee.  The majority of my couples choose to do the rehearsal themselves without me being present. Running Your Own Wedding Rehearsal Below is an extensive guide as a way to help you run your own wedding ceremony rehearsal, saving you time and money, as well as helping the ceremony run more smoothly on your wedding day. It is important to note that there are many possible variations to the ceremony order, and this guide was created focusing on a straight, non-denominational wedding ceremony. Please see the “Variations” section of the guide for options for our LGBT couples, as well as common cultural, religious, and regio

The Kiss

THE KISS "You may kiss and embrace." or "You may share your first kiss as husband and wife." This is the last line I read in the wedding ceremonies I perform as a Wedding Officiant . I like it better than "you may kiss the bride"  as it does not apply to same sex couples. This beautiful couple kissed and everyone present embraced. Carolyn Burke | Officiant 314.821.4844

Fighting Over Wedding Plans

Question: My husband-to-be and I are fighting all the time and often feel ill at ease about the details of our wedding. We used to get along so perfectly – before planning a wedding- and now we are at each other’s throats. It’s been such a wonderful relationship and we consider ourselves conscious’ people. How did things change and how can I bring things back into balance? Answer: It will be wonderful again! You might even find it can be better if you can weather the wedding storms in a balanced way. It is important to remember that wedding planning tends to take you out of ordinary life and into an extraordinary situation. In that situation, small things get blown to larger proportions and difficult situations seem ever-more trying. Along with the joy, wedding planning brings up discomfort, fear, worries, imbalance, and a tad of insanity. Even very sweet people can feel their cool melt down when wedding stress comes their way. Your relationship will improve when you do things

Ceremony for Introverts

Do you have a personality where a traditional ceremony scares you? Being the center of attention may not appeal to you, but there are ways to rethink the structure the event. Your wedding ceremony should be true to both of you - that includes reflecting your style and personalities. If you are both introverts, you could consider a city hall ceremony. This allows you to bring a few friends, keeping things intimate and casual. St Louis City Hall and St Charles Executive Building has a great space to have a simple 5-minute ceremony.   As an alternative, rethink the day in a way that pulls the attention away from you. You could SKIP walking down a traditional aisle and instead hang out with your guests pre-ceremony.  There does not have to be a processional. Just get married where you are, on your terms. Starting the ceremony together might make you more comfortable. In the end, the goal of the wedding ceremony is to make your commitment of love in front of those you can about most. This c

Location, Location, Location

Looking for the right venue to have a special event can be overwhelming. Details about the site's amenities such as capacity, fees, the size of the parking lot, accessibility and other specifics you may not have even thought of. Who has the time to call and check on availability; whether or not the location is even what you are looking for? Carolyn Burke can give great advice for a variety of wedding ceremony or reception locations. Mostly small and intimate, but large and extravagant too.  Looking for ways to save on wedding expenses is an increasingly common scenario for young couples, faced with hefty student loans, credit card debt, a tough job market, and ever-increasing living expenses. Many couples are choosing lower-cost locations and planning smaller weddings close to home for family and their closest friends.  To plan an event, your first impression is the first step along with the costs involved. The style or theme of the event as well as restrictions on space,