Date, Time and Location

What are the steps to book a ceremony with a Wedding Officiant?
St Louis, MO

First Step: Do you have a favorite date in mind?
Perhaps a time of year or season? Maybe the answer is NOW or last minute (elopement).
Coming up with a date is a priority when booking an officiant.
It is obvious that we need to be available to perform the ceremony.

Second Step: What time of day appeals to you?
Be creative. If you choose earlier in the day, you can celebrate with a brunch.
Afternoons are the most popular. Some couples choose close to a meal time to have the ceremony so guests can eat following the service.  My favorite is in the evening - close to sunset - which some say is the best time of day for great photography.

Third Step: Location, Location, Location.
Believe it or not, this can be the hardest of the three to plan or decide on.  Inside or outside? Too big or too small? In a private or public space? 

All of these steps are not necessarily needed before calling a wedding professional.
If you are flexible, we can work together on making sure to make your marriage legal while performing a short, sweet and simple ceremony that is meaningful and special.

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