Missouri Marriage License

What Happens 
Once You Get Your Marriage License in Missouri?

St Louis County Marriage License

Once your pick up your marriage license from the Recorder of Deeds Office, you must use the license within 30 days, it expires after the 30th day. If you do not use the license it must be returned to the Recorder of Deeds Office.

Usually there are two papers for the Wedding Officiant to fill out : the Marriage License and the Marriage Certificate. The first paper is the valid marriage license which is the legal document that an officiant fills out before the ceremony with 1) The official name of person who performs the ceremony.  2) City where the wedding takes place.  3) County where the wedding takes place. 4) Day, month and year of wedding. 5) Official signature, title and sometimes their address.

Missouri marriage license
St Louis City Marriage Certificate and Marriage License

The second paper is the invalid marriage certificate that is given to you for keepsake purposes. In most cases, you will not be able to use the certificate for name change, banks, insurance purposes. Check with your travel agent or hotel for its use at your honeymoon destination.

Once the papers are filled out, two witnesses may sign them if available. Witnesses are not required in Missouri counties near St Louis or Illinois. The wedding officiant is responsible for returning the marriage license back to the recorder of deeds, or you may choose to return it to get the certified copy of the marriage license instantly (for a fee).

You may not be able to pre-pay for a certified copy of the marriage license. In that case, you or anyone else can come into the marriage license office to get a certified copy. You can also request by mail or request online at OfficialRecordsOnline.com or VitalChek.com which costs anywhere between $9-$25 per copy.  In the request you will note both of your names before you were married, the date you were married etc.

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