Change Your Last Name

How to Change Your Last Name After Marriage
In 8 Simple Steps

Step 1
Get a certified copy of our marriage license from the Recorder of Deeds office.

Step 2
Visit your local Social Security Administration Office to change your name so you can get a new Social Security card that reflects your new name.

Step 3
Change your name at the Department of Motor Vehicles after you receive your new Social Security Card to get a new Driver's License.

Step 4
Change your name on your Bank Accounts to keep your identity intact. Remember to request new check books, debit and credit cards too.

Step 5
Change your name on your passport. It can take a while to get your passport processed so keep this in mind as you plan your travel plans out of the country.

Step 6
Change your name and other relevant information at work. The changes will be made to your W-2, W-4, and deductions if needed.

Step 7
Change your name and address (if applicable) with the United States Postal Service.

Step 8
You will be required to re-register to vote.

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