Having a Secular Ceremony

With the number of mixed interfaith marriages taking place, many couples today are opting to have a secular ceremony instead of a religious ceremony for their wedding.  This allows them to include special readings, vows, symbols or wedding themes (whether religious or not) that they may not be able to include in a religious ceremony or location.

A secular ceremony contains no religious elements (except for what the couple may add) and can be performed in a venue of your choice, depending on the area in which you wish to get married in.  It is a good idea to interview at least two different officiants; to compare their style and make sure you are comfortable with the ceremony structure.  It is important that you feel comfortable with the officiant who is performing the ceremony and that you feel that he/she is interested in you as a couple.

Keep in mind to budget for the various fees, such as the officiant's fee (for the ceremony), the ceremony site fee, and the marriage license fee.

All-in-all, a secular ceremony is much more flexible in today's world.  You both may incorporate aspects of each of your religions if you wish, write your own vows and have any type of wedding theme you want, whereas a typical religious ceremony tends to restrict much of this.  Secular ceremonies also tend to be a favorite with the budget conscious couple, as they are usually much cheaper in the long run.

Whatever type of ceremony you choose, the most important thing to remember is to do what makes you happy as a couple.  It is your wedding after all!

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