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While many couples prefer the traditional feel of a church ceremony, a growing number are choosing a more personalized vow exchange. This shift has created plenty of opportunity for Carolyn Burke - Wedding Officiant, an ordained non-religious minister based in the St. Louis Metro Area. Since 2005, Burke has specialized in officiating at non-religious or secular weddings, specifically those that do not mention a deity. Over the years, she has seen a steady growth for such ceremonies which she calls, "Short, Sweet and Simple".

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 Burke enjoys working with clients who seek the path less traveled on their wedding day. They find out about her unique services from using internet search engines, vendor referrals, and word-of-mouth. "You put the words 'Elope St. Louis' and I am number one in the search engines", states Burke.

“Planning a wedding can be great fun if it's done in the spirit of joy rather than the spirit of following traditions that don't really mean anything to the couple,” said Burke. Her services generally cost between $75 and $750, depending on the travel and package and last between 5 and 10 minutes.

Elopements are considered a wedding planned in less time.  Most are private with less than 10 people present.  Carolyn Burke feels she is just a step above what a couple does at the Circuit Court Civil Marriages at the County Seat.  She performs a simple ceremony anywhere based on availability.

Elope at the Court House

 A Circuit Court, Associate Circuit Court, or Municipal judge is prohibited by a Missouri Constitutional provision from receiving any compensation for the service.  Therefore all civil marriages are performed in a courtroom or government office.  There is no justice of the peace in Missouri and I see no mention of them in Illinois.

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