Ceremony for Introverts

Do you have a personality where a traditional ceremony scares you? Being the center of attention may not appeal to you, but there are ways to rethink the structure the event.

Your wedding ceremony should be true to both of you - that includes reflecting your style and personalities. If you are both introverts, you could consider a city hall ceremony. This allows you to bring a few friends, keeping things intimate and casual. St Louis City Hall and St Charles Executive Building has a great space to have a simple 5-minute ceremony.  

As an alternative, rethink the day in a way that pulls the attention away from you. You could SKIP walking down a traditional aisle and instead hang out with your guests pre-ceremony. 

There does not have to be a processional. Just get married where you are, on your terms. Starting the ceremony together might make you more comfortable. In the end, the goal of the wedding ceremony is to make your commitment of love in front of those you can about most. This can really take place in whatever form feels most authentic to your relationship.

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